Meet Cousin Willie

Little Kernels About “Cousin Willie’s”

Ramsey Popcorn Co., located in rural Ramsey, Indiana, is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 70 years. You need not look Ramsey up on the atlas, because it won’t be there but this is where Cousin Willie was born and it is where he has stayed – raising hogs, cattle, popcorn, 13 kids, and 30 grandchildren.

With the Sieg Family being a large part of the population Cousin Willie has felt it was his duty to see that everybody has some work to do. The first jobs he gives each of the kids on the farm is picking up rock and cleaning out hog pens. “That way, by the time they get to working at the popcorn plant, they like it just fine.” Today, Ramsey Popcorn Co., Inc. is one of the community’s largest employers.

Edward Sieg and his wife, Agnes, began the business in 1944 going from store to store selling raw popcorn and other items out of the back of their truck. The Sieg’s four sons, Wilfred, Donald, Eugene, and Mark inherited the business in the 1960’s. Wilfred E. Sieg, Sr., President Emeritus, is the actual Cousin Willie portrayed on the product today.

To get across to the public that our company was a family owned and operated business of down-home country folk, who knew their popcorn, Cousin Willie’s Original Popcorn and Microwave Popcorn was born. This name was first thought up in the late 1980’s by one of Wilfred’s nephews. It was decided by the family that Wilfred Sr. would best represent the product due to his country appearance and the family abundance of real cousins. In 1996, the business was handed down to the third generation of Sieg’s. Wilfred E. Sieg Jr., is now President, Daniel R. Sieg is Vice President, Eric J. Sieg is Treasurer and Jason Sieg as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Cousin Willie passed away in 2006 but the tradition lives on within the company and with Wilfred Jr., as he has taken on this role as the ambassador for the brand.

Having been in the popcorn business for so many years, Ramsey has built a large part of their reputation on reliability of supply and timely delivery. These two factors, along with providing the highest quality product, are Ramsey Popcorn’s highest priorities. Ramsey Popcorn sells roughly 50 million pounds of popcorn a year. The Cousin Willie’s brand is the number one selling microwave popcorn in several regions of the U.S. Ramsey is not new to the export market either. They export to over 20 countries including Taiwan, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Honduras, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria, Mexico, and throughout Europe.

Ramsey Popcorn also is a preferred vendor to the Boy Scouts of America. We provide our CAMP MASTERS brand popcorn products for their fundraising programs throughout the U.S.

Our products are available in most fine grocery stores.   If it is not available in your area, you can purchase popcorn directly from us. For a list of all of our products and the prices, please call 1-800-624-2060 or send us your request by email through our web site:


Cousin Willie’s Timeline


  • 1944

    How it Started

    Edward Sieg and his wife, Agnes, began the business in 1944 going from store to store selling popcorn and other product out of the back of their truck.

  • 1960

    Staying in the Family

    The Sieg’s four sons, Wilfred, Donald, Eugene and Mark inherited the business back in the 1960’s. Wilfred E. Sieg, Sr., President Emeritus, is the actual Cousin Willie portrayed on the product today.

  • 1980s

    Cousin Willie's Goes Worldwide

    Cousin Willie's started selling popcorn worldwide while still holding true to the all-American values on which the company was based.

  • 2006

    Building Renaming

    A bill written by Indiana Congressman Mike Sodrel (IN-09) to name the Ramsey, Indiana Post office after Wilfred Edward "Cousin Willie" Sieg, Sr., was signed by President Bush, officially re-naming the post office after the Southern Indiana community leader and agricultural legend.

  • 2013

    My Indiana Home

    Ramsey Popcorn was featured in an article in My Indiana Home Magazine for the fall of 2013. The article discussed Indiana grown popcorn and features two local popcorn companies including Cousin Willie's who have been in business over 70 years.

  • 2015

    Exciting New Product

    Introduces the most exciting new snack food item in the industry - Cousin Willie's Simply Better Mauve ™ Popcorn